Hi. I'm Jake. I'm a designer, strategist and and seasoned sketchnoter. 

Since 1999, I have studied, practiced and taught Design and Design Thinking. I am currently a Service Designer at a major US Bank based in SF, where I help technical teams understand customer experience from an omni-channel perspective. My prior experience includes lead design and strategy at Bay Area Startup to launch an industrial internet platform, Design Strategist with Brita and independent consultant to a number of Fortune 500 CPG/Tech/Aerospace companies. 

I hold two degrees suitable from framing, including a Master’s of Design Methods from the Institute of Design in Chicago. I have taught courses in Design Thinking and Drawing at the undergraduate, graduate and even corporate level. I am active in the sketchnoting community, and believe that drawing should be taught like reading // easy to do and a tool that everybody uses for communication.

When I am not designing the next big thing, you can find me riding my bike in the Oakland Hills, or at SF Techshop as part of the maker movement.

Want to work with me? Contact me to learn more // 

**Updates, I am currently only available for short-term sketchnoting engagements.

Mobile // (773) 531 - 925 Zero 

Email // jacob.tlb at gmail.com